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Building lasting partnerships

Here at Love Shopping Direct, we know that a strong working partnership directly benefits our suppliers and our customers. Suppliers who work with us experience exceptional sales of their products as we are the number one online in sales across our key product ranges.

A great example of this partnership with our suppliers is our exclusive three-year product guarantee on all Meaco products. This gives all airconcentre.co.uk customers extra peace of mind when investing in their new dehumidifier, as well as additional incentive to buy.

We are proud of our supplier relationships and have built long-term relationships with suppliers (many of whom we now call friends!). This approach to partnership ensures a reliable supply for good and, in turn, regular payments that are made on time. 

While working together we provide our suppliers with valuable insights into customer buying habits. This can influence the development of new products, helping them to stay at the forefront of market trends.

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